FinTech Startup Members

AI inside

AI inside digitizes hand-written documents with patented recognition technology and deep learning. Our mission is to make our life easier with AI by realizing social digital transformation and supporting future prediction.

AIZEN Global Co., Inc.

AIZEN provides machine learning technology for retail banks, and enhances processes and models with its own Hedge Fund and Lending Platform.


ALLINS Inc. is an insurtech company based in Japan. We strive for revolutionizing old-fashioned Japanese insurance industry.


Providing OAuth 2.0 and OpenID Connect implementations in a SaaS cloud. Authlete focuses on authorization and it can be combined with any authentication technologies.


Technology company focused on alternative financial products and services. Providing wage on-demand solutions which enable working people to access receivable income with no credit checks.

BrainCat Inc.

BrainCat Inc. provides a social foundation platform to let everyone create their safety nets and challenging places to realize a strong and generous society.


CAMPFIRE provides the largest crowdfunding platform in Japan. CAMPFIRE continues to strive toward breaking down out-dated and complicated monetary infrastructures and provide everyone in our society with a place and a chance to have their voices heard.


Caulis is a cybersecurity startup which provides cloud-based fraud detection solution. Our product, Fraud Alert, can detect fraud and identity theft based on users’ online behavior by using our own risk detection engine.


Blockchain technology overcomes the traditional limitations of the internet and provides the opportunity for smaller, local organizations to provide their services on a global scale.


Coinbase is the world’s most popular way to buy and sell bitcoin,ethereum, and litecoin.


FinTech smartphone and consumer-driven enterprise app service. BizNote is their award winning finance app targeted to start-ups and small businesses to ease accounting and expense processes.


Curfex builds an inclusive peer-to-peer marketplace, where a community of money transfer operators are consolidated under a single platform to offer mid-market rate to users.


Multi-currency responsive Point-of-Sale settlement service which also provides API for P2P Remittance and currency exchange. Other service area includes automated transaction and distributed algorithms.


Online financing marketplace for investors and small and medium-sized businesses.


We offer a unique investment program that allows clients to invest minimum amount to a group of companies under a thematic basis depending on the current market.


Our goal is to bring「Financial Planner」and「Fintech」together to increase the satisfaction level of Fintech companies through financial planners’ vast knowledge and willingness to listen.


Our ultimate role is to nurture, represent and advocate crowdfunding industry in Japan.


Keychain provides global data provenance solutions for finance, industry, and Enterprise. Leveraging blockchain technology, Keychain fortifies operational integrity, increases cyber security, and enables new patterns of business.

KOKOPELLI incubate

Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology company that focuses on financial products and services. “SHARES Φ” powered by AI enables financial institutions to perform accurate and rapid credit examinations.


Biometrics Authentication solution company provides finger-print payment solution “Liquid Pay” and biometrics login and gate control system “Liquid-ID”.


Catered towards independent investors, Longine is a financial news media company disseminating high quality articles by top securities analyst distributed at an affordable price.

Money Forward

Money Forward is a fintech startup delivering tools to visualize and improve both individuals’ and SMEs’ financial health.


Making personal financial management (PFM) fun and easy through their personal asset analytics tool. Their mobile dashboard, spending map, and timeline simplify the PFM experience.


“MT LINK” is their data aggregation platform that acquires data from over 99% of Japanese banks, credit cards, digital money and loyalty program which powers a suite of personal finance and small business apps.

Mozambique New Bank Preparation Co., Ltd.

Their core operation includes importing, R&D and marketing vegetable oil, plantation cultivation and oil extraction of energy crops.


2 core technologies are: 1) IoT (Internet of Things) Connecting “things” around the world via internet, aiming towards a new frontier and 2) IoM (Internet of Money) creating a fair and an autonomous society.


Incoming call authentication service based on outgoing call information transmitted using the target user’s telephone number.


PLATFIELD INC. introduces unID – the newest and safest alternative mobile app authentication service for financial transactions, eliminating the need for passwords or the exchange of any personal information.


Playbasis develops and operates the leading enterprise-grade cloud platform for embedding social game mechanics, freemium economics, and Augmented Reality experiences into telecom & financial services industries.


QF Pay Japan is committed to providing low-cost,
high-performance cross boarder mobile POS
payment solutions and data driven marketing solutions.


A retail-tech startup focusing on speed checkout solutions for retailers. We are creating an innovative IoT shopping cart and mobile app.


Revolut is an app + debit card that allows its international users to spend and send money abroad in any currency with absolutely zero fees.

Sasuke Financial Lab

Sasuke provides an online financial planning service, including a fully customized goal-based analysis report and tools to make better financial decisions for everyone.



Smart Idea Inc.

Smart Idea Inc. provide specialized in easy-to-use mobile finance apps. We are a remarkable international team of planners and engineers with a relentless passion for making people’s lives easier using mobile apps.


A new way of collecting money using SNS. “I’m IN” solution allows friends to collaborate using SNS to form and fund a plan together using credit cards. It’s free of charge and takes 3 min to complete.

Studio Ousia Inc.

Studio Ousia is the provider of cutting-edge software solutions for natural language tasks.
We specialize in techniques based on deep learning with quality knowledge obtained from the web.

Tech bureau Corp.

Crypto FinTech Lab that applies crypto currency and Blockchain technology for their solution. “Mujin is their private Blockchain platform allowing users to build a P2P Blockchain network.


The ThreatMetrix Digital Identity Network®, is the market-leading cloud solution for authenticating personas on the Internet, securing against fraud 20 billion annual transactions across 30,000 websites globally.

TradeIt ,Inc.

TradeIt provides API infrastructure that connects retail investors, online brokers and app developers, enabling the trading of stocks from any app, website and messaging platform.
Winner of the FinPitch Overseas Grand Prize at FIBC 2017.


TransferWise has found a way to bypass the international transfer fees from banks and make it transparent & fair. The rate is the real one, the small fee is easy to spot, & we pay out locally meaning no receiving fees. It costs up to 5-8x less than what your bank really charges. It’s a little revolution.


Tranzax provides innovative solutions regarding supply chain finance, fully utilizing ERMS(Electronically Recorded Monetary Claims established by Japanese government) . Dealing with Tranzax SPC for ERMS, Obligee of ERMS enjoys lower discount rate , and Obligor enjoys additional financial profits.


Our mission is to establish a financial platform for regional revitalization which facilitates local financial institutions to enhance their communications with clients and to meet their diversifying needs.


Our company’s mission is “We push the human race forward by designing economic activity simpler.” We currently provide bitcoin wallet for non-geeks. Our wallet, WALT, exchanges bitcoin for Visa Prepaid Card.


Simplifying the merchandise warranty management process with a one stop dashboard, simple registration, and request for estimates on second hand products through your app.


Corporate members

Chubu Electric Power Co., Inc.


Kyodo Printing Co.,Ltd.

Mizuho Financial Group

The Norinchukin Bank


Seven Bank

Shizuoka Bank

Tokio Marine & Nichido Fire Insurance Co., Ltd.