– Inauguration of New FinTech Award to Evaluate Innovation, Growth, and Transformation –

TOKYO, Mar. 9, 2020 – FINOLAB Inc. and FINOVATORS – have inaugurated “Japan Financial Innovation Award 2020(JFIA2020)” and announced the winners of the respective category.

JFIA2020 is inaugurated this year to promote innovative initiatives in financial area by adopting information technology and share best practices in the industry, and expects to further expand open innovation beyond corporate group and business sector. JFIA2020 consists for 3 categories, including Startup, Financial Institution, and Collaboration. FINOLAB, the FinTech Center of Japan, administrated the evaluation process by extracting about 300 innovative initiatives from press releases during the year 2019. And final candidates and winners were selected by the group of professionals, FINOVATORS, based on the judgement on innovation, growth, and transformation.

Further Judgment is scheduled to announce Grand Prize and Category Excellence on Mar. 23 at “Future Frontier Fes by FINOLAB (4F).”

JFIA 2020 Winners

(Some are Only in Japanese)
StartupCrowd Cast, Ltd.Corporate Prepaid Card for Expense Management
Funds, Inc.Online Market for Lending Fund
GINKAN, Inc.Program to Earn Cryptocurrency with Credit Card Usage
TRUSTDOCK Inc.e-KYC Identity Verification App
WealthNavi Inc.Wealth Management Advice with AI
Financial InstitutionFukuoka Financial Group, Inc.Next Generation Banking System on Public Cloud
GMO Aozora Net Bank, Ltd.Developers’ Portal for Bank API
ORIX Bank CorporationLiving Trust for Donating to Local Government
SBINeoMobile Securities Co., Ltd.New Brokerage Service to Purchase Stock with T-POINT
Sumitomo Mitsui Financial Group, Inc.Online Signup for Corporate Card
CollaborationEmerada Co., Ltd.
Johoku Shinkin BANK
Face to Face Type Cash-Flow Lending
LINE Corporation
Mizuho Financial Group, Inc.
J/V to Establish Smartphone Bank, LINE BANK
Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group. Ltd.
LayerX Inc. etc.
ST Research Consortium to Develop Next-Generation Financial Transaction Infrastructure on Blockchain
Nihon Unisys, Ltd.
Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance Co., Ltd.
Doreming PTE. LTD.
Insurance Service to Promote Financial Inclusion
Seven Bank, Ltd.
The Kansai Electric Power Company, Incorporated
Fraud Detection for Account Opening Using Power Supply Information

■About FINOLAB Inc.
Address:Otemachi 1-6-1, Chiyoda-ku Tokyo
Representative:CEO, Chie Ito
Capital:JPY 300 Million
Business Domain:Promoting FinTech initiatives of Members, including startups and corporates, and expand FinTech ecosystem in Japan.

■About FINOLAB Community
The Fintech Center of Tokyo, FINOLAB is a membership community and an office space located in the heart of international financial district in Tokyo)to promote FinTech ecosystem. Launched in Feb. 2016 by Mitsubishi Estate and Dentsu Group as the first FinTech Center in Japan. Consists of 56 Startup Members and 17 Corporate Members (As of Mar. 2020).

■About FINOVATORS, General Incorporated Association
Non-profit organization, with a group of pro-bono experts(Layer, Investor, Consultant, Analyst, Engineer, Entrepreneur, Banker, Public Sector Specialist, etc.)for supporting startups. Driving health innovation ecosystem in Japan by activities based on global and future vision, not limited to any organization or business area.